O&M Service Provider Checklists

These Operation and Maintenance Checklists serve as the foundation for the CIDWT National O&M Service Provider Program and were developed in conjunction with industry stakeholders.  They are designed for use in Operation and Maintenance activities performed on decentralized wastewater treatment systems and describe the key items to be recorded during a maintenance visit.   These forms not only facilitate standardization of maintenance activities, they are also useful for designers who develop operation and maintenance criteria for systems and state, county, and local regulators who provide wastewater management oversight.  Use of these checklists should be accompanied by proper attribution of the source.


CIDWT.  2006.  Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: An Operation and Maintenance Service Provider Program.  Developed by Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT).  Midwest Plan Service.  Iowa State University.  Ames, IA.  January 2006.




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