National O&M Service Provider Program

Lead Institution: Texas AgriLife Extension Texas A&M University System

Funded by: EPA through WERF

Project completed: 2006 

O&M Project Final Report -WPA No. X-83085101-0

This project addressed a critical need for Education and Training for practitioners who perform operation and maintenance on decentralized wastewater treatment systems.  In addition to these service providers, other groups benefit directly from use of the materials produced during the project.  These include state, county, and local regulators who provide wastewater management oversight as well as system designers who may be required by codes to provide operation and maintenance criteria on plans to obtain system design approval. 

The educational materials developed through this program can be used to support certification by provide the materials needed for initial training and continuing education.  The materials include a manual, slide presentations and O&M Checklists. 

The manual, entitled Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems: An Operation and Maintenance Service Provider Program was awarded an ASABE Blue Ribbon Award for Educational Publications for 2006.

The manual is available for purchase.  The Checklists describe the key items to be recorded during a maintenance visit.  Powerpoint presentation with speaker notes also available here.


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