Installation Checklists


These Installation and Start-up Checklists serve as the foundation for the CIDWT National Installer Curriculum materials. The checklists were developed in conjunction with industry stakeholders and provide details on proper installation techniques and steps for commonly used technologies.  This information can be integrated into the professional installer’s business model as appropriate.  The checklists may be used for evaluating commercial or industrial systems; however, additional installation checklists may be needed for installation of systems other than those serving single-family residences. A startup checklist is included for many of the technologies. The activities on the startup checklist are necessary to verify the system was installed correctly and clear the system for operation. The startup checklists also document important parameters useful to the O&M service provider or for system troubleshooting and repair, if needed. The checklists do not however, detail activities related to the startup of biological processes, namely establishing microbial populations.


CIDWT. 2009.  Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems.  Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment. Iowa State University, Midwest Plan Service. Ames, IA.



Form 1.1 Installation Checklist - System Evaluation
Form 3.1 Installation Checklist - Safety
Form 6.1 Installation Checklist - Planning

Form 8.1 Installation Checklist - Piping
Form 8.2 Installation Checklist - Tanks
Form 8.3 Startup Checklist - Tanks

Form 9.1 Installation Checklist - Demand and Timed Dosed Pumps and Siphons
Form 9.2 Startup Checklist - Demand and Timed Dosed Pumps and Siphons

Form 10.1 Installation Checklist - Media Filters
Form 10.2 Startup Checklist - Media Filters

Form 10.3 Installation Checklists - Aerobic Treatment Unit
Form 10.4 Startup Checklists - Aerobic Treatment Unit

Form 10.5 Installation Checklists - Constructed Wetlands
Form 10.6 Startup Checklists - Constructed Wetlands

Form 10.7 Installation Checklists - Lagoons
Form 10.8 Startup Checklists - Lagoons

Form 10.9 Installation Checklists - Disinfection (chlorine)
Form 10.10 Startup Checklists - Disinfection (chlorine)

Form 10.11 Installation Checklist - Disinfection (UV light)
Form 10.12 Startup Checklist - Disinfection (UV light)

Form 11.1 Installation Checklist - Soil Treatment Area
Form 11.2 Startup Checklist - Soil Treatment Area

Form 11.3 Installation Checklist - Evapotranspiration Bed
Form 11.4 Startup Checklist - Evapotranspiration Bed

Form 11.5 Installation Checklist - Drip Field
Form 11.6 Startup Checklist - Drip Field

Form 11.7 Installation Checklist - Spray Field
Form 11.8 Startup Checklist - Spray Field

Form 11.9 Installation Checklist - Outfalls
Form 11.10 Startup Checklist - Outfalls


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