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CIDWT Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Glossary

Lead Institution: Texas AgriLife Extension (Texas A&M University System)

Funded by: EPA through WERF

Project Completed: December, 2007

Glossary Project Final Report - 05-DEC-2SG

The definitions provided in this glossary were specifically chosen for their usefulness to professionals in the field of decentralized wastewater treatment. The philosophy behind the document is that in order for decentralized wastewater treatment to remain a permanent component of our water treatment infrastructure, we in the industry must define the associated and all-encompassing management requirements for sustainable long term performance.  This document provides the foundation for doing so. The writers consulted many existing glossaries and acknowledge the considerable value of those sources. The final definitions were chosen on the basis of the best fit to the industry as a whole as determined by a wide group of stakeholders and the result is a collection of terms that illustrates the broad landscape of decentralized wastewater treatment.  

The authors believe that this glossary will move the field of decentralized wastewater treatment forward in a positive, proactive manner.  This terminology will undoubtedly evolve over time as professionals use and refine the language. The current Installer Training Program Project has resulted in many changes to the original document.  These have been ncorporated and the Second Edition is now available. 

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