Analyzing Wastewater Treatment Systems for High Strength and Hydraulic Loading

Lead Institutions and Affiliates: Texas Agri-Life Extension, University of Minnesota, University of Rhode Island, William L. (Bill) Stuth Sr.

Funded by: Self-funded by institutions and affiliates


This course was developed to directly address one of the challenges facing the wastewater industry: wastewater treatment systems that malfunction as a result of hydraulic and organic overloading.  The ability to evaluate wastewater sources to determine if they are delivering loads that exceed system treatment capacity is fundamental to meeting this challenge.  The purpose of the course is to provide class participants with methods for troubleshooting systems by analyzing the source for excessive hydraulic and organic loading. 

The class begins with fundamental topics that lay the groundwork necessary to progress to more detailed discussions in later chapters.  The materials presented in the first day of the course are basic concepts: types of treatment systems; wastewater treatment concepts; basic sampling and monitoring techniques; examples of hydraulic and organic loading.  The initial emphasis is on principles and practices of evaluating residential facilities.  The second day focuses on commercial facilities and delves into more advanced troubleshooting concepts and system management techniques.

The materials produced include a manual, slide presentations and Analysis Forms.  The manual, entitled Analyzing Wastewater Treatment Systems for High Strength and Hydraulic loading will soon be available for purchase by the general public.  The Analysis Forms include owner/manager surveys and evaluation checklists facilitate collection of operational data that directs and aids the professional in evaluating treatment performance.  These are available online.  Individuals and entities who wish to use the slide presentations for training may do so after attending an AWTS Train-the-Trainer event.  For a list of Qualified AWTS instructors, click HERE.


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